Public contributions to companies transparency obligation 2020

Year 2020

Name and tax code of the recipientName and tax code of the lenderAmount collected (for each single underlying legal relationship)Grant dateCausal contribution
HI-TECH SOLUTIONS SRL 02281610549Regional Agency for Active Labor Policies – Arpal Umbria€ 3,000.009/7/2020Incentive to recruitment and continuous training
HI-TECH SOLUTIONS SRL 02281610550Training crafts fund€ 3,900.0013/7/2020Continuing training – OPERATIONAL PROJECTS (PS) – 49743
HI-TECH SOLUTIONS SRL 02281610551Umbria Region – Regional Council€ 1,155.2025/8/2020Aid scheme in support of Research & Development Complex Projects pursuant to art. 25 RGEC
HI-TECH SOLUTIONS SRL 02281610552Banca del Mezzogiorno MedioCredito Centrale SpA€ 14,166.4220/11/2020Guarantee Fund Law 662/96 – Direct guarantee
HI-TECH SOLUTIONS SRL 02281610553Banca del Mezzogiorno MedioCredito Centrale SpA€ 4,455.8530/11/2020COVID-19: SME Guarantee Fund State Aid SA. 56966 (2020 / N)