We specialize in the design and production of computerized electronic devices for the control and optimization of any type of mechanical system

Research & Development

The biggest challenges for the future will be all related to electronics. In fact, only machines equipped with smart electronic devices will be able to take on the tasks handled to date by human operators. By following these guiding principles, Hi-Tech Solutions devotes a substantial part of its resources to the continuous research for innovative solutions while perfecting new technologies with the cooperation of the University of Perugia.


Professionalism and expertise, combined with a relentless pursuit of innovation, are the very lifeblood of our organisation, allowing us to support our customers effectively from the analysis of their market-related needs to the definition of a solution that is a unique work of art, always exceeding today's standards and state of the art technology.


Our activities continue with the creation of a prototype - through the selection of the most appropriate hardware and software devices - and a passion-driven, sometimes obsessive validation of performances and results both in the lab and on the field. We never stop thinking how to exceed customer expectations until we are certain that we have achieved the best solution ever.


The analysis of all product details and their overall value, the selection of the best components for production, the verification of certifications and the identification of the best manufacturing process are the steps leading to pre-series production. During this phase, every aspect of product is taken into account and nothing is left to chance.

Final validation

Our products must be always a reason for customer success. They must work perfectly in every environment and deliver value to customers by exceeding set performance goals.

Only when our customer is satisfied with the results achieved, we realize that we hit the mark and that we certainly learned something new.

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