We are a team of professionals boasting a year-long experience. We are passionate about our work and we continuously look for new solutions to assist our customers in achieving success.

our milestones...


Cesare Mattoli establishes a Design Centre to operate in the field of computerised electronic systems.


The first project on snow groomers’ traction and trajectory control is developed.
This year also marks the beginning of an important cooperation with the University of Perugia.


Mattoli’s design centre becomes Hi-Tech Solutions thanks to the first agreements with customers asking him to take on the whole design-to-manufacture cycle of electronic devices and their validation.


Hi-Tech Solutions develops the first projects on drilling rigs.


Hi-Tech Solutions begins to work on self-loading concrete mixers projects.


Hi-Tech Solutions moves into its new headquarters to meet the growing demand of an increasing number of customers.


Hi-Tech Solutions is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.
The first projects on cranes are developed.


Hi-Tech Solutions enters the Chinese market with its products.


The first control systems for marine cranes and for excavators are developed.


Hi-Tech Solutions is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.
Hi-Tech Solutions develops the first control systems for aerial platforms.


Hi-Tech Solutions designs and manufactures systems for the management of truck-mounted cranes.


The increasing number of work orders determines the enlargement of our design department.
A branch office is also opened in Xuhzou, China.

the team...

Cesare Mattoli

Cesare Mattoli

General Manager and Technical Manager

+39 335 1264566

Founder of Hi-Tech Solutions. His 30 years of experience in the front line of design and corporate management have not blunted his natural exuberance and optimism.

Giacomo Capocciuti

Giacomo Capocciuti

Deputy General Manager and Head of Supply Chain

+39 335 1384044

He has worked for many years as Head of Production and Purchasing Manager for several companies. He is known for his determination in product development and for his inborn problem-solving capabilities.

lizzy Xiao

Lizzy Xiao

Export Manager China

+86 158 2119 5714

She has gained a remarkable knowledge of the Chinese market working as a Marketing Manager in the field of electronic systems. Behind her gracious and reserved attitude, she hides a strong-willed nature focused on her role.